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*NEW* 23rd Annual Winter Workshop [2017-2018]

Level Two Teachers Workshop

22nd Annual Winter Workshop [2016-2017]

21st Annual Winter Workshop [2015-2016]

20th Annual Winter Workshop [2014 – 2015]

Fight Directing and Performance Workshop … [August 2014]

Teachers Workshop [June 2014]

19th Annual Winter Workshop [2013-2014]

18th Annual Winter Workshop [2012 – 2013]

Fight Directors and Advanced Performers Workshop (ISU, Illinois) July 30-Aug. 11, 2012

Teachers Workshop (Illinois State University, Illinois) July 9-21, 2012

3rd Annual Workshop CSUF Jan 3-9, 2012

DAI Dual Coast Winter Workshops 2011-12

2nd Annual Stage Combat and Maritime Workshop Sept. 23-25, 2011

Bugsy Siegel Bash March 18-20, 2011

Winter Workshop, 2010-11 Dec. 27 – Jan. 2

Medieval Mash Up, Berkeley, CA — Nov. 20th – 21st, 2010

Swords Orange County – January 2011

Swords and Surf, Hawaii – July 12-30, 2010

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Workshops offered through Dueling Arts International

Introduction to Theatrical Combat
This one-week intensive workshop is designed to provide a basic introduction into the Art of Theatrical Combat. Designed for students who want to explore theatrical combat for the first time this workshop will provide basic training in the disciplines of Unarmed Theatrical Combat, Medieval Broadsword, Single Rapier and Quarterstaff. This workshop will also provide daily physical and vocal warm-ups, and may incorporate basic T’ai Chi and/or Aikido training, and an introduction to methods of acting theatrical fight scenes.

Dueling Arts Beginning and Intermediate Workshops (Levels One & Two)
These two-week summer workshops provide intensive training for students on Training Levels One and Two in the six primary disciplines of Unarmed Theatrical Combat, Medieval Broadsword, Rapier & Dagger of The Renaissance, The Transitional Single Rapier, Smallsword of The Restoration, and Quarterstaff. These workshops also provide daily physical and vocal warm-ups, basic Training in T’ai Chi or Aikido, or both, and coaching in methods of acting theatrical fight scenes. Students who successfully complete these workshops may choose to participate in Dueling Arts Skills Tests in order to be adjudicated in the six primary disciplines noted above. Classes are held Monday thru Saturday for 6½ hrs. per day, with additional rehearsal periods held one or two evenings each week as needed. Offered at such locations as Honolulu, HI, Lake Tahoe, CA, and Ashland, OR, students have ample free time during most late afternoons and early evenings to enjoy the surrounding environment and special Oregon students may also take in evening performances at The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Dueling Arts Advanced Workshop for Actors – (Level Three)
This two-week workshop is designed for the most ambitious theatrical combatant and will review all relevant theatrical fighting techniques available to a Theatrical Combatant, Instructor and Fight Director in the following disciplines; Unarmed Theatrical Combat, Medieval Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger of The Renaissance, Transitional Single Rapier, Smallsword of the Restoration, and Quarterstaff. Students will also receive training in the additional disciplines Sword and Buckler, Sword and Shield, Sword and Cloak, Double Rapier, Knife-Fighting, Theatrical Martial Arts, Swashbuckling with a Sword and Interpretive Fighting Styles, among others. Participating students will also receive training in the handling of, and safety of guns for theatre and film as well as receive training in fighting techniques for the camera, with and without weaponry. In addition to reviewing techniques students will be asked to learn and perform fights in the above noted disciplines on a daily basis. The training is rigorous and intensive and will demand the students to learn, execute and perform these fights in an accelerated fashion with the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. Students who successfully complete this workshop may be recognized as either Advanced Theatrical Combatants, or Performance Masters of Theatrical Combat. This workshop will be offered on a bi-annual, or yearly basis as needed.

Dueling Arts Winter Workshop
Offered annually over New Years since 1994, this week long, two-level, intensive workshop provides a great introduction in the art of theatrical combat for beginners as well as a full and challenging review for students with prior experience wishing to renew and improve their skills. Both levels of students receive training in Unarmed Combat, Broadsword, Single Rapier, Smallsword, Rapier & Dagger, Quarterstaff, Sword & Shield, Sword & Buckler, Sword & Cloak, Double Rapiers, Knife-Fighting as well as an introduction to the arts of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Aikido. This workshop is often followed by an additional 2 to 3 day workshop focusing upon a special topic, such as use of firearms for theatre and film, theatrical martial arts, or an opportunity to participate in a Dueling Arts renewal skills test. Past Winter Workshop host locations have included the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the University of Florida, Gainesville..

Dueling Arts Theatrical Combat for The Theatre Educator
This one-week intensive workshop is designed for the High School and College Theatre Educator desiring an introduction in the Art of Theatrical combat. Training will provide instruction in the most common techniques of Theatrical Combat and basic choreography. The workshop will also provide daily physical warm-ups and basic T’ai Chi training. Class discussions will act to help establish important safety protocol and guidelines in order to help create curriculum plans for theatre educators teaching introductory theatrical combat classes.

Dueling Arts Teacher’s Symposium
Designed for both current and aspiring instructors of theatrical combat, this two-week symposium provides in-depth practical training and theoretical discussion pertaining to teaching and coaching safe and believable techniques of theatrical combat. In addition to addressing how to instruct and practice sound technique in the physical disciplines of theatrical combat this intensive process will also explore how to coach the dramatic elements of this art form within the context of a training and educational environment. The symposium will examine at length the primary disciplines of Unarmed Combat, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, Rapier & Dagger, Single Rapier and Smallsword. Participants who successfully complete this training may be eligible for Recognition by Dueling Arts International as Associate Instructors.

Dueling Arts Fight Directors and Performance Workshop
This two-week intensive workshop is held in Conjunction with The Lake Tahoe Community College. The training takes place high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the Shores of South Lake Tahoe and provides an amazing training opportunity for both aspiring Fight Directors in the staging and directing of theatrical fights, and also an opportunity for Actors to work on advance performance fighting skills for the stage, film and television. Daily subject matter will draw from both classical and contemporary literature, and examine both dramatic and comedic contexts. This has been found to be one of the most demanding, and also rewarding workshops for aspiring fight directors and theatrical combatants alike.

Dueling Arts Masters Workshops
These intensive workshops provide opportunities for students of theatrical combat to study with noted Masters of Theatrical Combat via a series of Master Classes in areas of their noted specialties and interest. Developed with the intention of keeping alive the tradition of Theatrical Combat and allowing both new and experienced students a glimpse of the history and tradition of this art form the curriculum will vary from workshop to workshop. Among other topics, classes will range from period stylization, fighting for the camera, the application of Asian fighting styles to our Western Theatrical Combat Art form.

Dueling Arts Theatrical Movement Workshops
These workshops are offered to provide opportunities for actors to explore different theatrical movement disciplines that may be useful in their training. Areas of study may include, among others, Suzuki Training, Laban-Bartenieff Movement Studies, Clown and Mask Work, and more in depth study of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chinese Weaponry, or Aikido and Japanese Weaponry.

The national workshop schedule and workshop locations will change from year to year. Please check to see the latest information on our workshop schedule, or call 888-882-3835 for the latest updates and to answer any questions.